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Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia is the oldest and most abundant element in the earth‘s crust. This first-class-performance material was successfully used for more than 20 years- for example in hip surgery and it is now also available for the dental industry. Due to its health-friendly characteristics, zirconia is nowadays the preferred material of modern dental restorations among dental ceramic materials available today.

  • High translucency
  • Possibility to colour the frame structures individually with the patient‘s tooth colour
  • No black margins
  • Absolutely metal-free
  • Excellent health compatibility
  • Extreme solidity
  • Longevity

Zirconia‘s high translucency enhanced by the possibility to colour the frame structures with the individual patient‘s tooth colour favours the aesthetic and natural look of dental restorations. Due to the zirconia‘s light colour, there are no black margins in case of age-related receding gums, as this is frequently the case with metal restorations.

The acid resistant and non-porous material avoids the absorption of pollutants, prevents periodontitis and makes cleaning fast and easy. Excellent accuracy of fit and first-class manufacturing characteristics of the material guarantee that it is pleasant and comfortable to wear

According to scientific investigations, zirconia, an absolutely metal-free material, does not release any allergens or incompatibility in the mouth. Besides, it is particularly compatible with the mucous membrane and tissues as well as being gentle on the nerves, since it transfers heat and cold more slowly than dental restorations made of metal. In addition, easy cleaning possibilities help to prevent periodontitis.
STABILITY AND LONGEVITY Zirkon With a correct dental construction, zirconia dental restorations are an investment for life. Due to the extreme hardness and high density of the material, it withstands the highest biting force within all the mouth areas, it does not wear off and so its colour remains unchanged.

100% ZIRCONIA Zirkon Natural appearance, stability and comfort starting from crowns up to large-span bridges – zirconia meets all requirements of high-quality, durable dental restorations and retains a fresh appearance. Endow yourself and your loved ones with a carefree smile!

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